Monday, July 5, 2010

By Michael Grant
Series: Third in the Gone series

Warning: Review contains spoilers to Gone and Hunger.

It has now been seven months since everyone fifteen and older poofed and conditions only continue to worsen for those left behind. “Are you eating?” has replaced “How are you?” as the standard greeting. Electricity is out. The absence of water pressure gives no alternative but to let any fires burn themselves out. Then rumors begin spreading about the big poof when the kids reach the exact age of fifteen being a way to leave the FAYZ and return to the loving arms of parents who are waiting just outside the FAYZ wall though not everyone is convinced this is true. To make matters even worse, Caine talks Zil, leader of the Human Crew, to set the town on fire as he and his declining number of followers pursue Caine’s latest plan. As the town begins to erupt into flames, Sam begins seeing images of the one person he fears, the one who had almost killed him, back from the dead and ready to continue where he and Sam left off. Grant does not disappoint readers in this latest installment of the Gone series. While action sequences take a step back in this installment, giving the suspense center stage, readers will be eager for the fourth book when they reach the end.

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