Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Light
By D. J. MacHale
Series: First in the Morpheus Road trilogy

Marshal Seaver is looking forward to spending the summer with his friend best friend Cooper Foley. However, these plans immediately change when Cooper is forced to spend the entire summer with his parents at their lake house. As Marshal prepares for what is sure to be a boring summer, his father leaves for a business trip. This is when Marshal begins being haunted. It begins with strange sounds and a rouge breeze. Then Marshal comes face to face with a character straight from his own sketchbook. There is only one person Marshal can talk with about these happenings and that is Cooper. However, when he tries contacting his friend, he finds out that Cooper is missing. As Marshal begins piecing together the events that lead to his friend’s disappearance and the reason he is suddenly being haunted by a character of his own creation, he begins to consider if these two events might actually be part of the same mystery. Readers will find this story un-put-down-able as the suspense builds and what seems to be two separate mysteries begin to blur into one large puzzle. There are scenes, although suspenseful, have little or no dialogue and long paragraphs though most of these occur when Marshal, who serves as narrator, is alone. There are also a few occurrences where a phrase is repeated nearly word for word within a couple of paragraphs. All in all, horror and supernatural fans will devour this book and become eager for the next installment when they reach the end.

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